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Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated by Our Chiropractor

Premier Chiropractic Clinic in McMurray, Pittsburgh, PA, offers chiropractic care that reaches the root of the problem. We help patients with both acute and chronic issues. We'd like to take a moment to name the problems we address.


If you have a bone spur pressing on the sciatic nerve, an inflamed muscle, or damage to the nerve, you may develop sciatica symptoms. These include nerve-related symptoms, such as weakness, numbness, and tingling. Although, we can target the source of the symptoms, like back pain, and ease them for you.

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines have an association with your nervous system in many cases. We can optimize functions in this system to ease them. Sometimes, the root of your migraines or headaches is a nutrient deficiency, which we can help with by improving your circulation to get more nutrients through your system.

Herniated Discs

Herniated discs are more common as you age, and the discs in your back begin to lose their flexibility and thin the outer shell. An injury or unknown cause may lead to a tear in the lining. They'll never notice. For others, the disc's contents may leak out of the opening and place pressure on nearby nerves and soft tissue.

Pinched Nerve

You could develop a pinched one from muscle swelling, a bone spur, or another reason that something is pressing on your nerve. A pinched nerve can cause pain, weakness, numbness, tingling, and other similar symptoms.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a chronic issue that arises when the spinal canal begins to narrow. It then places pressure on nerves, leading to nerve-related symptoms like weakness, numbness, or tingling.

Shoulder, Neck, and Back Pain

If you have shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, or various other pain throughout your musculoskeletal system, our chiropractor can help. For example, one of the more common causes of neck pain is a strain caused by people sitting with their necks facing downward. However, you could also develop neck pain from a rear-end auto accident that causes your neck to move forward and backward rapidly.

Sometimes, the cause of your shoulder pain is repeated use from playing a particular sport or your job. Back pain doesn't always stem from a herniated disc or pressure on the sciatic nerve. In some cases, your back pain could be from an injury.

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No matter why you're experiencing musculoskeletal pain or where, our chiropractor at Premier Chiropractic Clinic in Pittsburgh, McMurray, PA, can assist. Call us today at Pittsburgh (412) 341-2505 or McMurray (412) 444-8455. We would be happy to assist you with whatever you require.

“Dr. Brian and Dr. Ellora are terrific! I went in suffering from horrible back and neck pain. They took time to listen and ask questions before adjusting me. He was very knowledgeable in answering my questions and skilled in his practice. I couldn’t believe it when I got up from the table and the acute pain had gone! I was able to comfortably get back to work the same day! I would recommend him to my own mother and anyone else suffering from back/neck/shoulder pain. Thank you Premier Chiropractic!”
— Jason