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What to Expect

Day 1

Paperwork (Can be done in person or online)


  • The providers at Premier Spine and Sport always try to provide relief on the first day of you walking into the clinic.
  • We do not believe in long-term treatment plans, spanning months and years. We prefer to take a personalized approach using 3-6 visit increments. If something is not working in that time frame, we will find something or someone else that can help you.
  • The doctor will then give you suggestions on home exercises and future treatments.

It would be best to wear athletic wear so that you can move freely!


Our doctor will listen to your problems and concerns in a private setting. Some orthopedic, neurological, or functional exams will be used to discover your pain generator. If it is clinically warranted, your exam might include X-rays of the painful area. We will then formulate a differential diagnosis to come up with the best treatment options for your problem.